A shark attacks a man in Australia

The Australian city of Perth, What Popular to have it among other things Sharks on its shores, The news was Wednesday this is because of a shark attack on a man who was swimming in Swan River from the city. The animal bit you in the upper part of its leg where it was located The first shark attack in the river since 1969.

It is believed that the man, who was rescued by kayaks, was attacked by A. Bull shark 2 to 3 meters high While swimming on wednesday morning in front of Reserve Natural De Blackwall Rich In Perth (Western Australia), as explained by state authorities.

The man was transferred to the Royal Perth Hospital in dangerous situationAs explained by a spokeswoman for the local ambulance service. And local media reported that the man was in his fifties and was stable despite seriousness.

A city famous for its sharks

Perth is famous for its coast White sharks that have already carried out several attacks. In recent weeks, some beaches have been closed due to increased shark sightings.

It may interest you

Attacks on the Swan River, which drains into the ocean in the southern port city of Fremantle, south of Perth, tend to be abnormal. eThe last attack was 1969 The last shark-related death dates back to 1923, when another swimmer was bitten in the legs.

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The state’s Ministry of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) said in a statement that the Swan River region, where the attack took place, is closed to the public until Friday.

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