A puzzle with a giant space cavity 500 light years from Earth

As infinite as space is, “infinite” is the number of puzzles that a human being is asked to solve in the present and in the distant future. Select the scholars A giant cavity inside our galaxy, 500 light-years from Earth. The mystery of its existence has not been solved, since scientists have no evidence of its origin.

However, the scenarios under consideration are twofold:

1) either caused by a large supernova explosion in the center of the “bubble”, which “pushed” the gases out, creating what we now call a “Perseus-Taurus Supershell”,

2) or a series of supernova explosions that occurred over millions of years, and created the cavity over time.

The head of the research team that located the giant space cavity is Shmuel Bialy, who said that the study will continue, as this phenomenon is considered very exciting.

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