A precious meteorite was discovered by the way in the United Kingdom

“A dream come true.” This is how researchers today comment on the discovery they just made inside the UK. The remains of a rare meteorite may contain vital information about the formation of our solar system.

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They would have made the dinosaurs disappear and their craters adorned the Earth’s surface. Every day hundreds of meteors bombard the planet.

February 28, around 10:55 PM Paris time, A fireball crossed the sky The United Kingdom and Northern France. Remarkably photographed by cameras UK Meteor Watch Network. Investigators were back on track before appealing to residents of North Cheltenham to find his remains.

They were initially located, in the form of a pile of dust and gravel, by a road in the city of Wincombe. Then the researchers searched the surrounding field to finally collect several small fragments.

If scientists are very interested in these remains, it is because meteor Whoever left them was what they call Primitive meteorites. One Chondrita carbon. Rare meteorite. Only 51 of the 65,000 have been found so far on Earth. And they are among the most pure of all, as they bring the features of our formation Solar System.

Precious items

Some parts appear completely black and without streaks. Others are dark gray with uneven light spots. In short, it appears that the original meteor was complex. Maybe from prof asteroid It even collided with several asteroids. Sometimes there’s no need to tickle asteroids, as Hayabusa2 and the missions have done recently. Osiris Rex Collect some samples. Nature almost brings them to us on a plate.

Researchers will now study these remains in detail and as quickly as possible. The fact that they were caught quickly after Meteorite fall In fact, it should help them obtain valuable information that unstable elements carry. And for organic compounds that have been preserved as much as possible from Radioactive contamination Across the earth.

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