A painful Windows 10 error has been detected: It crashes your computer as soon as you open a folder

The first indicated weakness Twitter user Jonas L. He noted that this occurs “when opening a special name in any folder.”

Will Dorman, CERT / CC Vulnerability Analyst, later investigated the bug and AddedIt happens when opening a folder or file link, including ISO, VHD, or VHDX, unzipping a Zip file, opening an HTML file without MoTW, etc.

This can be especially annoying if the code is included in a legitimate software link.

The error will automatically corrupt the NTFS MFT (Master File Table). Sometimes, Windows will prompt you to restart your computer in order for it to repair your hard disk. However, W. Dorman says that is not always the case – sometimes users have to perform a manual repair.

Microsoft is aware of the problem and has reported it Already repaired. At the same time, the manufacturer urges consumers to exercise caution and follow proper electronic hygiene.

“We are aware of this issue and will provide an update in a future release. Use of this technology is dependent on social engineering and, as always, we encourage our customers to practice good online habits, including being careful when opening or accepting unknown files.”

Dorman remains pessimistic about Microsoft’s amendment, saying it was two years ago Report a similar NTFS error, Which remains not fixed. He said he would not disclose the exact name of the case yet. He wants to give Microsoft a chance to fix the problem first.

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