A needy friend WhatsApp scam is making the rounds sgy 87

A scam called “Friend in Need” has started on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most used social media application in the world. That is why people are often deceived on this basis. Forwarded messages and conversations from WhatsApp often go unverified, which has resulted in many fraud cases. Meanwhile, a scam called “Friend in Need” has started on WhatsApp. Many users receive messages because they need help from their friends. Most of these users are from the UK.

In this new scam, scammers deceive users by pretending to be friends. Users receive messages from their friends that they are stuck abroad and need money to go home. A 53-year-old woman fell victim to the scam and sent Rs 2.5 lakh after receiving a letter on her baby’s name.

According to the UK’s National Trade Standards, about 59% of citizens receive such messages. WhatsApp took note of this and advised users to be careful.

According to Baxter, head of the National Commerce Standards Fraud Team, “fraudsters are asking for personal information, money, or a six-digit PIN, pretending to have received a message from a friend or family member.” “The easiest way to verify a suspicious message is to call or request a white message,” WhatsApp said, urging users to be careful.

How is this deception done?

You may have wondered how to send a WhatsApp message from a friend or family phone number. According to experts, scammers use hacked accounts or numbers. These messages are sent from the hacked phone number or account. If your friend’s phone is lost, it is likely that these messages were sent from his phone by thieves or scammers.

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What is the way to escape from such scams?

If you get a message asking for money, call instead of responding right away. Always check before immediately replying to any such message.

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