A distance of 5 km between Switzerland and Italy was determined in the World Cup

The impressive Matterhorn or Cervino will be the stage for a descent of nearly five kilometers between Switzerland and Italy.

Drop in Alpine Ski World Cup With the exit gate in Swiss And the finish line is at Italy It could be a fact in the 2022-2023 season. The federation of the two countries, tribe s Swiss Ski They developed this project, That was already talked about a year ago when Wengen It was not initially registered by the Swiss Confederation In the draft calendar for next season.

On that occasion, Zermatt offered to cover Wengen’s hypothetical descent with a drop of 420 meters above Wengen’s descent. LauberhornAt 4,480 meters it is the longest in the circuit. Once the problems between the Swiss Confederation and the station were resolved, the project was by no means stalled. Now it has regained its momentum after a series of meetings between the two federations with representatives of the mountain railways and tourism entities. In the initiative he called “Matterhorn World Cup”, Autonomous Region in Valle de Aosta.

Cable car construction Gray head Will unite Zermatt With CerviniaBeing an essential component in developing the initiative at the logistical level, Didier Devago He was responsible for designing the layouts and FIS It seems that he gave his blessing after several meetings with the promoters of the project.

This will be the first time that a World Cup event begins in one country and ends in another. The output will be in Rollin Hump (Switzerland, at 3,899 meters), to reach the target Cime Bianche Lakes (Italy, 2,814 meters) After a landing of 4.9 kilometers, it would provide a difference of 1,185 meters.

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Flavio Roda, President of FISI.
Flavio Roda, President of FISI.

The idea is to place the races (men and women) at the end of October after launching giants SoeldenSome blank dates on the World Cup calendar.
Flavio Roda, FISI chief, said so “It’s not a two-country project in the first place, but an opportunity for the entire ski world. In addition, it provides a great opportunity to take root as the World Cup opens rapidly in the future. Italian winter sports will do everything they can to do their part.”.

Urs Lyman, President of Swiss Ski, thinks so “Racing on the Matterhorn brings many advantages to skiing. On the one hand, the gap between the start of the World Cup in Soelden and the first sprint races can be shortened; on the other hand, intrepid athletes from all over the world will have the best training opportunities in the heart of the Alps.”

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