77 game of luck: win half a million euros in philipsburg

Phillipsburg (PM/Los Angeles) – One in ten million: A player from the nearby city of Phillipsburg took the top prize in the Spiel 77 overtime lottery in Saturday’s draw. The lucky man from the Karlsruhe region can look forward to €47,777.

Photo: Klaus Morgenstern

We won nearly half a million euros

A cross yes in the game 77, a seven-digit number and a lot of luck hit a direct hit: the number sequence 3257168 is indicated on the hint card. This exactly matches the winning number that was set on Saturday night in the bonus game lottery 77. A man from the nearby Phillipsburg community can now look to receive exactly €47,777 – completely tax-free and paid in one fell swoop.

Joint Grand Prize

The player from the Karlsruhe region shares his luck with a man from Lower Saxony, who also scored the combination of numbers and thus takes the second part of the grand prize. Lotto BW already knows who is behind the winner from the Philipsburg area. The shipper handed over his ticket with the customer card. In the next few days he will receive a letter in the mail from the lottery company. At the same time, almost half a million euros will be transferred to him.

The last big win was in the Karlsruhe region just two weeks ago. A lottery player can look to get 100,000 euros of the bonus Super 6 lottery.

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