WWE NXT TakeOver31 results: Escobar work his way up to victory over Swerve

WWE NXT TakeOver31 results: Escobar work his way up to victory over Swerve

The Cruiserweight title clinched the middle position on the five-match TakeOver 31 card on Sunday, October 4. Champion Santos Escobar entered with gear praised for his lucha libre roots, and with Legado Del Fantasma henchmen Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza at his side.

None of these things helped him at first. It was all Swerve that had demonstrated the skill they had shown in beating the champ in a past non-title move.

The transition from Escobar’s past led to the return of the former king Cuerno / El Hugo del Phantasma. But an arrow from the depths of Hell was not the answer to this mystery for the hero. It was not interference from his crew. Swerve fought through it, turning back in the form of Ashante “Thee” Adonis (former Tehuti Miles).

This was the kind of show match you would expect given the style and talent of the participating men. It is well worth a watch if you are a fan of any of the three wrestlers Scott, Escobar, or cruiserweight.

The end came after Swerve was kicked out of Phantom Driver and Escobar from 450 splashes. Scott fell back on the bib, and collided with a hook that had been exposed earlier in the match. Fixing a glass-eye competitor was an academic matter at that point.

For a full rundown of everything that happened at Capitol Wrestling Center tonight, head over to our live blog Here.

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