Windsor was named the tax evasion capital of England

Windsor It has been dubbed the tax evasion capital of England, with experts warning that a stockbroker belt is “full of tax evasion hotspots”.

There were 23 disclosures per 100,000 people about unpaid taxes to HMRC last year in the historic city, where the Duke and Duchess of Sussex married, and in neighboring Maidenhead, Berkshire.

This is the highest concentration of tax evaders in all of the country’s 279 regions and more than three times the average of seven per 100,000, according to the new analysis.

Tax avoidance (using the tax system to reduce liabilities) is completely legal, while tax evasion is not.

Experts warned that the so-called “Stockbroker beltIt is made up of wealthy cities that span across the home provinces – “full of tax evasion hotspots.”

The reason, they believe, is that wealthy towns and cities are more likely to be home to wealthy residents who have the most complex income tax bills.

St AlbansOne of the wealthiest areas in Hertfordshire which has its own “millionaire row”, it ranked second in the ranking, with 20 reported per 100,000 people.

The city of Guildford in Surrey, one of the richest counties in the United Kingdom, is ranked third with a score of 17 Tonbridge Wells, the former home of comedian Joe Brand, Came in seventh place with a score of 15.

The world-famous university cities of Oxford and Cambridge also appeared in the top 20 tax avoidance hotspots, 12th and 9th respectively.

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