Who watches today against New Orleans Saints

Today the Atlanta Falcons face their most hated competitors New Orleans Saints. This rivalry for the division is, without a doubt, one of the strongest competitions in the league. No matter how either team performs the records, these games are always seriously competitive because they know each other so well. Also, having real disdain for your competitors is always her own motivation.

Obviously there will be some caveats in today’s match given that Drew Press In reserve the injured, but there are still some Hawks Which need a hawk effect to overcome The saints.

Coach Jeff Ulbrich

As I mentioned before, QB Hall of Fame Drew Press He will be out of this match with a rib injury. As a result, High Commissioner Sean Payton mentioned this Tissum Hill It will start in QB. Now, I am clearly not buying this one. Hill Time will witness and the team’s first series will begin, but I don’t see a situation where he plays the bulk of the game in QB. However, coach Ulbrich will need to prepare for both Hill And earlier Pirates Start QB James Winston.

We saw a more aggressive defense under Ulbrich and would need to see more today against the Saints. If Ulbrich can mix the covers and keep pushing the QBs that see Saints Square, this should bode well for the Falcons.

When attacking, Saints have some primary goals that they want to participate early and often. RB Alvin Camara At the top of the list, with that in mind Drew Press He fell, I think they would lean on him more for their running and passing game.

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In previous matches against the Saints, Deion was tasked with being room Neutral and has done the job up to this point. If the Hawks are to succeed in defense, Deion will have to continue doing so room Outside scrolling game to remove this option. The ability to eliminate roomThe impact of your attack would be a tremendous factor in defeating the Saints.

Ridley It looks good to play today, and it couldn’t have happened at a better time. Indeed one of the NFL’s best runners-up futures, Ridley It was so good so far against Saints. Its presence as an option in the scrolling game makes things easier for many skilled players like Julio Jones And the Todd Gurley. If it’s 100%, I would expect Ridley For a very nice rematch against the Saints.

The Falcons have proven more competitive since Raheem Morris took over as head coach. Also, when out of the game, he plays some time on the team to rest and recover. I definitely love the aggression the team has shown defensively up to this point, and it sure must continue if the Falcons want to clamp Sean Payton’s attack. The Falcons, under coach Morris, have done a good job so far in winning the matches they should win. Not only do they have to defeat the New Orleans Saints, but they have to do so because, well, they are the Saints and there is so much at stake in terms of bragging rights.

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