WeBuild completed three flights from the Florida Turnpike. The project cost is 177 million

WeBuild completed three flights from the Florida Turnpike.  The project cost is 177 million

In the year of relaunch of American infrastructure, WeBuild is at the fore in building road projects in the United States. Just today, the US subsidiary, Lynn, delivered three new ramps and two flyovers on Florida Turnpike to tolls in Orange County, USA six months ago. The route takes more than 2 million commuters daily and is one of the major hubs of the commercial routes connecting Miami with Central Florida.

The road project, which has been commissioned by Turnpike Enterprise to transport to the Florida Department of Transportation, is valued at a total of $ 177 million and aims to double the number of turning lanes from Osceola Parkway to Beachline Expressway from four to eight to reduce congestion in traffic. The end of the works is set for summer 2021.

These are just the most recent works to be awarded to Webuild in the US: In Florida, the company, led by Pietro Salini, is jointly building highway projects with a total value of nearly $ 500 million, of which $ 524 million is worth. Southern State Reservoir. Also, as it was written before MelanophenanzaLynn also acquired a $ 258 million Kansas City Levis Flood Risk Management project two weeks ago.

Biden’s $ 2.250 billion infrastructure plan could be a new engine of growth. Of the major investments included in the program, 621 billion will be earmarked for infrastructure upgrades, of which 115 billion will be allocated to bridges and roads. As I always mentioned before MelanophenanzaEquita Sim analysts have predicted that the Italian companies most exposed to the program in the US are in the construction sector. In the top three is WeBuild, which generates 28% of 2020 sales in North America. In Piazza Affari, the stock, which yesterday reached a new intraday high of 2019 at € 1.96, rose 1.60% and reached € 1.90. (All rights reserved)

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