“Unsuitable” – Michel Geisen in plain sight – Alpine skiing

Also in focus off the slopes: Michel Gisine. © APA / afp / JURE MAKOVEC

The fact that the skate greats show themselves off the piste in public isn’t really anything special. But Michel Geisen has now received criticism for her commitment outside the World Cup – despite her noble intentions.

Environment is also a ubiquitous theme at the Alpine Ski World Cup. Whether it’s the winter sports resorts popping up in China or the questionable environmental plans of the Islamic Salvation Front – politics has long found its way into sports. So it is not surprising that mathematicians deal with the topic themselves. After all, the World Cup is held in many different countries, and this season the aces hit the slopes on three different continents.

With Michel Jezin, the Swiss giant is also committed to protecting the environment. But her commitment as an ambassador for POW (Protect Our Winters) drew criticism. “There was also a lot of negative feedback,” Engelberger said. Opinion festival.

He found an unbelievable jezzine

Her active career in particular will make her current engagement even more difficult for Jezine. “In the spring, you fly a ski train for ice tests in the far north, and in the summer for snow training in distant Argentina. At the start of the season, the plane will also fly to the United States and Canada. world week. Climate protector and the World Cup – this can not work. The epilogue was, “If Jezine wants to be credible as a climate protector, she should give up her skateboarding career immediately.”

Michelle Gezen is currently facing some criticism. © APA / EXPA / DOMINIK ANGERER

Jezin leaves such criticism cold. Even if her job interferes with her commitment as an environmental ambassador, she wants to do better in her own life. However, there are many other aspects that have an impact on the environment. She explained that I try to be as environmentally conscious as possible.

At the same time, Vettel and Williams

Swiss women are not alone in this dilemma. In the past few months in particular, Formula One driver Sebastian Vettel has repeatedly distinguished himself through his commitment to the environment. Of course, the four-time world champion has to live with the same claims as the ski ace. Tennis star Serena Williams is another example.

Therefore, it is also possible that Jezin orients himself to her great role models and would like to continue working on her visions. In the end, she’s also about to stand up for something in her name. “In the end, I use my name and my reach for something. You can’t get involved in anything because you are afraid of criticism – but I don’t like it,” Gezen emphasized.


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