Unemployed cleaner wins Australian lottery millionaire prize

Australia /

A real stroke of luck for a man in Melbourne who lost his job due to coronavirus restrictions and today he is the winner of the Australian Millionaire Lottery, with A$80 million, Equivalent to more than 1,181 million pesos, which is the highest number previously achieved in the state.

Although he decided not to reveal his name, the case was recorded by various local media outlets, revealing that he was dedicating himself as a cleaner to provide for his family.

As revealed by the means Age, was the man One winner entry into the Arsenal Draw Thursday, he also revealed that before the health procedures, he had bought a house, and it was mortgaged, and for this reason part of the prize will be made to pay that bill and other bills, as well as invest it in his family and help other people.

“That would be a great thing to do. I will try to help everyone. There is a lot we can do with this award. It will change the lives of many people.”He told lottery provider The Lott.

He stressed in the interview that the situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic has hit his family hard, as well as the whole world, “But I always said you should keep trying. Now look what happened“.

Not only does the award stand out at the state level, but it is also the third largest award given in the country, being something one would consider “absolutely amazing.”

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