Uber announces that its UK drivers will be able to be represented by a union

Uber On Wednesday, she announced a “historic” agreement with British GMB Federation To represent in United kingdom To 70 thousand drivers of the American giant of road transport for passengers.

Uber s GMB “They will join efforts to improve flexible working standards in this sector,” the American group said in a statement.

“Through a collective bargaining agreement, the union will represent drivers throughout United kingdomHe referred to the text.

Workers are “free to choose whether, when and where to drive (to Uber), And you’ll have the option to act with GMB“he added.

As part of the agreement, GMB s Uber They will negotiate minimum wages, paid vacations, retirement plans, and other aspects such as health coverage or driver safety.

“That’s a big deal between GMB s Uber “It could be a first step towards fairer working conditions for millions of people,” said Mick Rex, the national president. GMBWhich represents the interests of 620 thousand workers in the country.

“Yes good Uber s GMB Jimmy Heywood, one of the European leaders said to Uber.

Uber It already admitted in March that its 70,000 drivers are in United kingdom They were wage workers, entitled to a minimum wage and paid vacations, a first for the American company, which until now had considered these drivers to be independent workers.

The platform responded like this quickly, after Supreme court He rejected their arguments in this regard.


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