Twitch Streamer xQc has been temporarily banned for broadcast sniping

Twitch Streamer xQc has been temporarily banned for broadcast sniping

Felix “xQc” Lengyel, one of the most popular Twitch players in the world, has been temporarily banned from the platform and Twitch Rivals. During the GlitchCon program, Fall guys Twitch Rivals event, xQc engaged in stream sniping, which violates GlitchCon Player Code of Conduct. Although the sniping was not done maliciously, and although it had no effect on the outcome of the aforementioned event, he temporarily suspended Twitch and a six-month ban from Twitch Rivals. Meanwhile, he will now also need to confiscate all of the money earned during the event.

At the moment of publication, it is unclear how long the xQc account has been suspended. All Twitch notes are temporary, which means they can range from a few days to a few months.

“At GlitchCon, our Player Code of Conduct has been violated,” Twitch said of the incident. “We require all participants to adhere to the same rules in order to play a tournament. As a result, xQc issued a temporary Twitch account suspension, a temporary ban on Twitch Rivals and the forfeiture of the associated prize money.

At the time of the incident, xQc apologized and explained his thinking behind the abuse, indicating that he thought it would be funny.

XQc said: “Stop defending me everywhere for no reason.” “We went into the final with Dr. Lobo and Shroud’s team. We shouldn’t do it and it was wrong. I’m sorry for my actions. I thought it would be funny. It didn’t change the score but it was still sly. Sorry.”

As noted, xQc is not only one of the largest live broadcasters in the world, according to many reports, it has been the holder of the highest income in the world so far this year. Nor is he alien to controversy.

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