Tribute to Banksy Monet for sale up to £ 5 million | Art and design

Street artist Banksy’s copy of Claude Monet’s Impressionist masterpiece will go on sale at Sotheby’s London An exhibit of an estimated £ 3-5 million.

The painting, titled “Show me the Monet,” was created in 2005. It is framed around Monet’s famous water lilies but is filled with contrasting images of shopping carts upside down and a traffic cone bobbing in the water.

Sotheby’s will sell the oil painting on canvas for between 3 million pounds and 5 million pounds ($ 3.9 million to $ 6.5 million) estimates. It will go up for sale in a live auction in London on 21 October.

The painting will appear in a two-day preview on Friday before unveiling in New York and Hong Kong later this month. You will then return to London, where it will go on sale.

Monet was first shown 15 years ago as part of the second Banksy Gallery in London.

It hails from a chain known collectively as crude oils, which includes what Banksy I call the “recombinations” of the core artwork. In it, the artist takes and subverts the language of art history to recreate famous works of art in his own style. Among them, Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh Depicted withering or dead in its vessel; Nighthawks Edward Hopper He was reinforced by an angry man in Union Jack boxer shorts moments after he broke the bar window with a chair and Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe faced off against Kate Moss.

Three of Monet’s finest large paintings from this series will also be collected at the National Gallery in London for the 1st Exhibition of Decorative Arts of Impressionist Painters in September 2021.

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Alex Pranchik, Sotheby’s Head of European Contemporary Art, said: “In one of his most important paintings, Banksy took Monet’s iconic drawing of the Japanese bridge in Giverny’s famous Impressionist Garden and turned it into a modern scene. Spot. Channel More than just a poetic lily pond, Banksy paints Monet combination with discarded shopping trolleys and a fluorescent orange traffic cone.

Banksy has been a perennial visionary as a voice of protest and social dissent, and here Banksy highlights society’s disregard for the environment in favor of the profligate excesses of consumerism.

“Recent years have seen Banksys go up for auction, but this is one of his strongest and most famous shows to date. From love in the trash, to record-breaking Parliament, to this one on Monet, October will not be complete without Banksy’s big moment.”

Last October, Banksy’s delegate parliament, which portrayed members of the House of Commons as chimpanzees, was sold for £ 9.9m in what organizers said was a record for an artist.

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