Tony Popolinsky says he was warned against putting it to the public

A former business partner of Hunter Biden said Tuesday he was warned not to release information about their business dealings when another former partner told him, “You will bury us all.”

During an appearance on Fox News, Tony Popolinsky said he had spoken with his former partner Rob Walker to demand that Walker obtain US Representative Adam Schiff (Democrat from California) to retract his claim that recent Washington Post reports of Hunter Biden’s emails were part of a “discrediting” Joe Biden.

Then host Tucker Carlson played an excerpt from an audio recording that Popolensky said was part of the phone conversation.

“If he doesn’t come out, I will present the facts,” Popolinsky said.

Walker replied, “Oh, Tony, you’re going to bury us all, man.”

Popolinsky, a former US Navy lieutenant, said he was outraged by Schiff’s comments on October 16 on CNN, as Schiff attacked a series of reports in The Post about Hunter Biden emails.

Schiff claimed, “We know that this complete stain on Joe Biden comes from the Kremlin.”

Popolinsky said he knew the emails were original because he received one on May 13, 2017, which outlined a plan to get 10 percent into their company, Oneida Holdings, “owned by H for the Big Man?

“To have a member of Congress talking about Russian disinformation … To say that and link it to my name is disgusting to me,” Popolinki said.

Popolinsky previously asserted that the letter “H” in the email – which includes a pending deal with the largest private energy company in China – represents Hunter Biden and that his father was “the big guy.”

Popolinsky said Tuesday that “one phone call from Joe Biden” could have caused Schiff to retract his remark and that he was hoping that “Biden would do the right thing.”

Tony Popolinsky
Tony PopolinskyAP

But while Walker, a former official in the Bill Clinton and George W. Bush administrations, promised to “make some calls,” Popolinsky said he “kind of presented them as if that was impossible.”

Popolinsky also said that Joe Biden’s brother, Jim Biden, eventually ended up with a 20 percent stake in Oneida Holdings after the 2017 email said he would only get 10.

“What I ask the American people to read and look at is how … Jim Biden went from a 10 percent owner to a 20 percent owner?” He said.

“I’ll leave that up to the American people to answer that.”

Walker, the Biden campaign, Hunter Biden’s attorney, and Jim Biden did not respond to emails requesting comment.

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