Tony Hawk talks about why his most iconic games have been redesigned

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A person cannot spin a 360-degree snowboard while it glides through the air, and then lands it back onto the ground without turning into a pile.

As the most famous skater on the planet, Tony Hawk can also let millions of others do so in his game series.

He told Radio 1 Newsbeat: “Maybe the gaming success is the reason people still know my name to this day.”

“It changed my life, which is why I was able to pursue my passion.

“Going back to doing it after 20 years with the same gameplay and the same enthusiasm, it really pays off.”

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Tony Hawk Pro Skater was first released 20 years ago and new releases have been a consistent part of gaming release schedules for 15 years.

Early surnames are considered by many to be some of the The most popular games of all time.

However, there hasn’t been a new release of main consoles since 2015 – and This version has been widely criticized.

Tony explains why he thinks this is the perfect time to revisit the series: “The seed was planted as we were progressing on the 20th anniversary of the first game.

“I’ve seen all the fans say they want to re-master.

The topic was brought up with developer Activision, and it seemed like the right time.

“Vicarious Visions was tasked with developing it and I would say very quickly, we’re starting to see progress that I knew fans would be excited about.”

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This new version is a reworking of the first two titles for Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.

Games have changed a lot since the original version was released in 1999.

The constant worlds of the internet, battle royale chests and loot were still elusive at the time.

But Tony is convinced there is an audience for remakes: “There is a lot of passion for this series, especially the early games.

“These fans are coming back because they enjoy playing and can jump back into it.

“I also like the idea that there’s a whole new generation that hasn’t tested any of these before, and who would be playing them for the first time.”

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Tony believes fans of the original games should be the most enthusiastic: “The levels and maps are all perfectly compatible with the first games,

“The developers have nailed the gameplay and brought it into the new world of technology.”

The original titles are credited with having several ski games Stars are on panels for the first time.

Tony says that was never the plan: “It became kind of a reward for all of us involved,” he says.

“I just thought we’d make a game that skaters would appreciate, and maybe even inspire some of them to go buy a console – but it ended up inspiring players to ski.

“ After 20 years, I think it will still inspire people, but for the most part, kids are really starting to skate at a young age.

“Skateboarding is growing in popularity again, and next year it will be at the Olympics, so he’s on an unprecedented path.”

12-Year-Old UK Sense It should compete with Sky Brown next year Tony has been training with her: “She does everything in her power to solve problems, she doesn’t just give up.

“She makes small adjustments here and there until you get them done. That is the sign of a phenomenal skier.”

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Tony promises that getting the soundtrack right was an important part of developing the remake.

It’s one of the reasons the Originals are so successful: “There are a lot of hit songs from the early games and we have some new bands.

“It has the same energy, but it’s just been updated – I wanted to stay true to what made it popular, and what drove people to it in the first place.”

The 52-year-old Tony admits it’s starting to slow down but hopes these new releases will keep his legacy for much longer.

He says he’s also allowed to keep doing his signature “900” trick: “Every now and then, I can do it in real life, but it’s not that easy anymore.

“I would say that if I were to do more in the future, it would be through my character in the game!

“These are exciting times, I am grateful that I’m still here and seeing it all happen.”

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