The Yankees complain about the lighting, and the pitches are tilted after losing to the Blue Jays

The New York Yankees They were left wondering what happened after the quadruple advance detonated against Toronto Blue Jays On Monday, some guys have some thoughts about what went wrong.

Yankees mask Kyle Higashioka The lighting at Sahelin Stadium in Buffalo is believed to have played a role in the disastrous sixth game that saw the Blue Jays score 10 runs.

“A lot of it was about (that) he had a hard time seeing the signs,” Higashioka said when asked about New York’s post-match struggles. Rob Longley from the Toronto Sun. “It’s very dark in there. Once it got really dark, yeah. I had the stickers on my fingers but it still looked like they didn’t help much.”

“I think I’ll have to look to see if they might lean in or something like that. We were a little bit erratic in that role,” he added.

The lighting at Sahlen Field was a question mark before the Blue Jays decided to play their home games for Buffalo 2020 campaign, and improvements have been made to bring the stadium up to MLB standards.

Potential Blue Jays Adam Clovenstein Take a friendly hit on the Yankees on Twitter due to their lighting concerns:

Yankees loyal Adam OttavinoCharged with six earned runs without a single score, he admitted that Toronto hitters might have known what was coming.

“It’s just a strange thing,” Ottavino said. “Me and (my loyal fellow Chad Green) He didn’t get any swing and missed that whole run and we’re both well above average swing and lost shooters.

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“Not wobbling and failing, it’s either an indication that my things weren’t good, or that my site wasn’t good, or that they had something inside of them. Either they had a great approach or they know what’s going to happen,” he said.

New York has now lost 14 of its last 19 matches.

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