The withdrawal of the United States and Russia from the borders of Ukraine

AGI – Russia must withdraw from Ukraine’s borders, and in the event of an attack, Joe Biden prepares Penalties Which could have a significant impact on the Russian economy. This is the warning that comes from the White House on the eve virtual summit Between the President of the United States and Vladimir Putin scheduled for 16:00 Italian time.

Bidenhad a telephone conversation with the Prime Minister, Mario DraghiBritish Prime Minister Boris Johnson French President Emmanuel MacronGerman Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

In the conference call, in the so-called “Quint Formula,” in light of “the tensions between Russia and Ukraine,” the leaders of Germany, the United States, France, Italy and the United Kingdom “expressed their determination to respect for sovereignty Ukraine” and “their commitment to work to maintain peace and security in Europe,” according to the Elysee.

The White House stressed that it had discussed “common concern about Russia’s military build-up on Ukraine’s borders and Russia’s increasingly harsh rhetoric” and that allies called on Moscow to stress relief“.

The leaders also agreed that Diplomacy Especially through the Normandy format, “the only way To resolve the conflict through the implementation of the Minsk agreements. ”

The staff involved will remain “in close contact, as well as in consultation with NATO allies and EU partners, with a comprehensive and coordinated approach”.

White House spokesman Jen Psaki adds that the goal of the virtual summit with Putin “is to communicate diplomatically that it is time for Russia to withdraw its military forces on the border with Ukraine.”

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But “other options are ready, too.” An official said Biden would make clear that “there will be significant and lasting costs if Russia chooses to move forward with military escalation.”

The United States and its European allies are ready to take “major economic countermeasures…that would impose a Serious and serious economic damage on the Russian economy,” he adds, and in the afternoon Biden will consult with European allies on sanctions.

Moscow denies any hostile intentions He accuses the West of provocation, especially with the military exercises in the Black Sea, which it sees as part of its sphere of influence.

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