The Porsche Cayman GT4 now comes with a shift lever gearbox

Porsche confirmed 718 Spyder And Cayman GT4 You get PDK paddleshift gearbox.

But don’t worry, this is not a repeat of the 911 GT3 saga several years ago; A fit six-speed manual remains standard, with an optional seven-speed PDK.

The big numbers you need to know are 2000 and 0.5, respectively, the British Pound amount that the PDK adds to your bill, the number of seconds it flies from 0-62 mph for both cars, 4.4 seconds from the Manual Cut to 3.9 seconds. Claims for 26.4mpg and 242g / km CO2 emissions are also slightly cleaner compared to the Spyder and GT4.

It naturally brings a bunch of different settings with it as well, including Launch Control and an easy-to-override Sports Response button on the steering wheel. It boosts the engine and transmission to maximum response for 20 seconds, no matter what mode you are in. The Spyder and GT4 also get a reset limited-slip differential with the PDK, with higher lock-up ratios that produce more traction.

Spyder and GT4 have acquired a new color option – Python Green (pictured) – while both are now offered with gold wheels as well. Porsche also featured the PDK transmission in the 4.0 liter engine options list 718 GTSIt offers similar reductions in emissions and acceleration times for a slight price hike of £ 2,303.

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