The New ‘Run BTS!’ Episode Has BTS Dubbing Disney Videos and Supporters Are unable to Get Plenty of

Run BTS! has been a stellar variety of entertainment considering that it initial premiered in 2015, but some episodes stick out earlier mentioned the relaxation for BTS enthusiasts. Episode 109 is a single of people episodes.

In the episode of the variety net series, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook dubbed Disney movies. At any time given that the Run BTS! episode aired on July 21, Army are not able to get around the members’ voice acting skills and purely natural humor.

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The team dubbed 3 Disney motion pictures on ‘Run BTS’

For the Run BTS! episode, the band associates worked with Korean voice actor Ah Jih-wan. Jointly, the members dubbed scenes from three distinct Disney motion pictures: The Lion KingToy Tale, and Zootopia.

The to start with scene the users dubbed was a scene from The Lion King exactly where Scar and the hyenas plot to kill Mufasa. In the scene, J-Hope voiced Scar, Jin dubbed Banzai, Jimin portrayed Shenzi, and RM performed Ed. Right absent, Jin, J-Hope, RM, and Jimin showed skilled voice performing techniques. In individual, J-Hope lowered his voice to in shape Scar and Jin misplaced himself in the function of Banzai.

Following, the users took turns dubbing a scene from Toy Story the place Buzz Lightyear meets the toys. Suga portrayed Woody, V voiced Buzz Lightyear, and Jungkook dubbed Rex. Suga’s “안녕” as Woody experienced all of BTS complimenting how considerably he sounded like the character. The customers then switched up their roles and Jungkook dubbed Excitement Lightyear, RM performed Woody, and Jimin portrayed Rex. 

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The last Disney movie BTS dubbed was Zootopia, and the group dubbed a scene of Judy and Nick visiting the DMV that is run by sloths. Jimin voiced Judy, Jin dubbed Nick, Jungkook performed Flash, and J-Hope dubbed Priscilla.

Jimin’s voice performing been given special attention

On Twitter, Jimin’s portrayal of Judy caught the eye of Zootopia co-director Jared Bush. It all begun when a fan shared a video clip from the Run BTS! episode with Bush.

“Hello @thejaredbush , in this article is clip of World Artist PARK JIMIN from Korean Boy-Team @BTS_twt accomplishing voice-over for Zootopia character Judy. He did voice-about in Korean language offering precise body weight Judy’s character holds. Hope you see this. Thank you,” the fan tweeted.

Bush observed the fan’s tweet, and replied that Jimin’s voice operate was outstanding and he would like to do the job with him.

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“I am super… impressed… with you… Jimin… your Judy… reads are… ideal. When can we… work collectively?! @[email protected]_twt (and thanks @BUSANBOY___TWT for the hyperlink!),” he tweeted.

Supporters love the new ‘Run BTS!’ episode

It is protected to say that Episode 109 of Run BTS! quickly became a favored episode to BTS supporters. On social media, Army expressed how blown absent they ended up by BTS’s talent.

“the way operate bts would’ve been ‘watch these idols hilariously learn new points each week’ but bts are just normally superior at everything so it turned ‘watch these idols uncover their new skills each week,’” a fan tweeted.

One lover tweeted, “bts genuinely irk me a little…like you’re by now So Immensely proficient at a myriad of points yet now now you are likely to include voice acting into your repertoire ?!?!?!”

“the way their voices in good shape the figures!?!? BIGHIT PLS GIVE US VOICE Acting BANGTAN IN AN ANIMATION PLS @BTS_twt,” wrote a Twitter consumer.

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