The four tennis players who supported the Serbian in Australia

Novak Djokovic Thursday said he was excited to “play better than ever” in an interview with Serbian National Television (RTS) Days before his return to the courts for the ATP 500 championship in Dubai, from February 21 to 26, after the fiasco of the championship. Australian Opencountry from which he was deported.

“I can’t say things will be the same when I get back on the field, but there is one more reason to play better than ever,” he said in his first interview with Serbian media since Melbourne.

The number 1 in the world showed his desire to compete in the ATP and Grand Slam tournaments, although he knows that his participation does not depend only on him.

“It will depend on the countries where the tournaments are held,” Djokovic said. “I will be ready and I will want to continue my career.”

However, Djokovic’s desire may conflict with the rules in force in many countries, which provide for compulsory vaccination, as the player reiterated that his position on the Covid-19 vaccine has not changed at the moment.

“I have an open mind, anything is possible in this life. We will see how the situation develops, although for the time being I have decided not to vaccinate,” he explained.

“As a professional sportsperson, I try to triple check what’s going into my body and its impact. If something changes by half a percentage point, I’m sorry, no,” Djokovic insisted, referring to the vaccination.

The Serbian also set his sights on gaming Paris Olympics – 2024, Where he wants to try again to win a gold medal deprived of him.

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The Serb confirmed in an interview with the BBC that he will not be vaccinated because of this

“I hope, prepare and plan to participate in the Paris Olympics and represent Serbia there,” he said.

Djokovic also rejected accusations that he is an anti-vaccine. “I do not like to be involved in certain initiatives or communities. I did not say that I belong to any initiative.”

Djokovic thanked all the players who supported him during the disastrous Australian period. Although there are very few who are quoted publicly. Specifically, four this time.

Nick Kyrgios I was even more surprised because we had, let’s say, misunderstandings in the past, but I’m grateful to everyone who supported me,” said Djokovic, citing his name. Alexander Zverev and Daniil Medvedev and the French Elise Cornet. The Serb confirmed that there are colleagues who expressed their support for him, but they did not want to do so publicly.

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