The Evans family is heading to Netflix in cartoon form

Another classic TV show from the 1970s returns from the remake land. After running a successful live audience, happy times It is now revived as a brand new TV series.

Netflix tear Norman Lear The production that will transform the Evans family into a mobile version of themselves.

“Good Times” with Ralph Carter, Esther Rolle, John Amos, Jimmy Walker, and Berndette Stanis | Getty Images / CBS Photo Archive Inc.

The original Good Times aired in the 1970s

happy times She became a fan favorite after presenting Florida, James, JJ, Telma, and Michael Evans on the small screen. The show centered on the family’s life on a residential project in Chicago and featured actors Ralph Carter, Esther Roll, John Amos, Jimmy Walker, and Bernadette Stannis in the lead roles.

Neighbor Willona Woods played Janet Dubois, and John Brown starred as Superman Buckman, also known as “Buger.” In later seasons, Janet Jackson appeared as Penny. Created by Mike Evans and Eric Monty, happy times It was an offshoot of Norman Lear’s production Maud.

The beloved show ran for six seasons from 1973 to 1979 and can currently air on Starz or Amazon Video.

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Netflix releases an animated version of the movie Good Times

to me variety, Netflix’s animated reboot comes from Lear and NBA baller Steph Curry and Seth McFarlane. Each of their production companies work together to develop the show. Carl Jones has been tapped to serve as a viewer of the series, and his credits include boondocks And Black dynamite.

In the outlet, the slogan states that the show will be about “the Evans family navigating today’s world and contemporary social issues. Just as the original did years ago, Good Times strives to remind us that with the love of our family, we can keep our heads above water.”

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The idea originated from Unanimous Media’s partner Carrie, Erick Peyton. He brought the field to Leer, and the ball started rolling from there. Netflix ordered 10 episodes and viewers can expect “more exciting” stories with a recent flair.

As Variety, Lear’s other series noted, One day at a time He received the moving therapy earlier this year for one special episode.

Netflix Chief Animation Mike Moon voiced the viewer’s excitement in a statement. “happy times It is an iconic series that has passed over generations. We are excited to be partnering with this amazing and inspiring creative team in Norman Lear, Carl Jones, Stephen Curry and Seth MacFarlane to bring this idea to life in time. “

A new Good Times series follows Live in Front of a Studio Audience

In December 2019, Lear and Jimmy Kimmel presented a recreation version of happy times On ABC with Live in front of the studio audience Form. The episode was aired with a special edition of All of the family It attracted nearly 6 million viewers.

The cast included Viola Davis and Anthony Brager as Florida and James Evans, and Tiffany Haddish stepped into Willona Woods’ shoes. Corinne Fox, Jay Pharaoh and Ashanti Black played Evans’ children, and John Amos played Alderman Fred Davis.

It was the second time Lear had revived one of their old properties in live format, with the first airing in May 2019.

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