The Department of Justice has opened a criminal investigation into the book Bolton: The New York Times

Citing conversations with three people familiar with the matter, the newspaper said the Justice Department “convened a grand jury and issued a subpoena for communications records from Simon & Schuster, publisher of” Bolton’s Book, “the room in which it happened. Released in June.
The Trump administration has previously tried to block the book from being released In court, arguing that Bolton had not completed the required prior publication of the manuscript to ensure that confidential information was not contained in it. A federal judge rejected the administration’s attempts, but left the door open to the possibility that Bolton could face criminal charges or be forced to hand over the profits related to the book.

The newspaper reported that two people familiar with the case said that Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe referred the matter to the Justice Department last month. A person familiar with the case told the newspaper that this step prompted the head of the ministry’s National Security Division to open a criminal investigation.

Bolton, who served for a time as national security advisor to President Donald Trump, said he complied with all the revisions requested by the White House.

Attorney General William Barr declined to comment on the matter when CNN asked him about it on Tuesday.

The Times indicated that Trump has indicated he wants to put Bolton on trial, including in Tweets This summer Bolton allegedly “broke the law” and “should be in jail, seizing money, for spreading top secret information for profit.”

Bolton’s diaries provide a compelling picture of the Trump White House. He wrote that the president only sincerely cares about his re-election and asked the leaders of Ukraine and China to help him win in November. Bolton also said that Trump is unaware of fundamental foreign policy issues and that he is obsessed with shaping media coverage of his presidency.

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