The book Mary Trump: The Court clashes with the publisher of Trump’s niece’s advertising book

Bad news for President Trump and his younger brother Robert Trump, who tried to block the relentless story of the entire book by the president’s niece Maria Trump, which Simon and Schuster are due to publish in July.

On Wednesday night, the New York Court of Appeals revoked a temporary detention order against Simon & Schuster, a decision that allows the publisher to make progress with printing copies of the book and sending them to retailers. The court left a temporary restraining order for Mary Trump until the July 10 hearing.

Make no mistake: this is a blow to Robert Trump’s attempt to block the book. Simon & Schuster has already said that he printed 75,000 copies of the book and shipped copies to bookstores. Until the July 10 hearing, the publisher will continue preparations to publish the book until the scheduled release date of July 28. In other words, the horse will be so much closer to getting out of the stable.

The appellate court also noted that “although the parties are free to enter into confidentiality agreements, the courts are not necessarily required to be specifically enforced” and said such agreements are “alternatively enforceable through damaging money”. It seems that compensation for money could be a way to resolve a legal dispute, instead of a ban, it also does not seem good for the case of Robert Trump …

“We are satisfied”

In a statement, Simon & Schuster celebrated the court’s decision. “We are satisfied with the decision of the Court of Appeals to annul the interim restrictive order issued by the lower court against Simon & Schuster,” the company said in a statement. The publisher said he supports “Mary Trump’s right” to tell his story. Simon & Schuster added: “As everyone knows, there are well-established precedents against previous restrictions and bans before publication, and we are confident that the preliminary ban will be lifted.”

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Attorney Mary Trump filed a brief motion Thursday

Ted Boutrous, a well-known First Amendment lawyer representing Mary Trump, who has also represented CNN in the past, hailed the court’s decision as “very good news.” Boutrous added, “We look forward to filing our brief trial tomorrow, which will explain why the same result as Ms. Trump is needed, based on the First Amendment and basic contract law.”

No comments Harder

Meanwhile, there was controversy on the part of Robert Trump. I sent an email to Charles Harder, the lawyer representing him, and I didn’t hear from him. Sometimes silence can say …

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