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Fishermen wearing protective masks to clean up freshly caught fish while people line up to buy portions of fish, in Havana, Cuba, on Saturday, June 27th. Ismael Francisco / AP

Havana will begin a partial opening on Friday, Cuban Prime Minister Marrero Cruz said Wednesday night in the country’s capital.

Cuba closed its borders in March, canceled all scheduled commercial flights to and from the island and passed under strict lock-in after three Italian tourists were diagnosed with coronavirus.

But recently, gradual easing of restrictions has begun as infections have fallen.

The reopening in Havana will allow the opening of restaurants, bars and other businesses, but with limited capacity, the prime minister said. Havana residents will also be able to visit the beach for the first time in almost three months.

However, international travel to and from most of Cuba will remain suspended.

The main island of Cuba, where Havana is located, remains closed to international tourists. Visitors will, however, be able to travel to the five coastal islands, which the Cuban government has developed for tourism.

As of Wednesday, the country recorded 86 deaths and 2,348 cases of coronavirus, according to Cuban health officials.

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