Taxes, 245 billion multinational corporations disappear every year thanks to tax rules set by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. The leap of the United Arab Emirates

every year $ 245 billion (205 billion euros) in taxes that must be paid by multinational companies Disappears. Thanks Tax compliant judicial authorities, a lot of They belong to the 36 countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development And / or the European Union. To make some comparison about the extent of this deficiency, it may be helpful to bear in mind that every year forEntire Africa spends 50 billion dollars on healthcare, A fifth of lost revenue. Or that European funds to fight the epidemic are currently $ 20 billion.

Dubai jumps to the top ten – the organization Tax Justice Network Released today Updated list One of the ten great gardens in the world. On the platform are the famous Caribbean centers: British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands and Bermuda. Officially, these are nearly independent jurisdictions, at their core kind of Extension of Great Britain Who reserves the right to veto and the right to be appointed. Next comes the European trio Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg. The Netherlands in particular emphasizes its role “center” On which multinational corporations rely to transfer profits to countries where taxes are low or non-existent. Luxembourg On the other hand, it is distinguished as a center that provides tax services “on demand”, that is, by developing specific solutions at the request of large companies. Then follow Hong Kong, Jersey, Singapore, That is, the other jurisdictions that have fairly close relations with Great Britain and finally one New entry: United Arab Emirates. From direction Abu Dhabi and Dubai A $ 200 billion cash flow was diverted from the Netherlands to take advantage of the UAE’s low tax level.

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Priority for profits of the largest multinational corporations Countries that are part of the OECD, Starting with Switzerland, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, they are responsible From two-thirds of the revenue subtraction . However, the organization also plays a major role in defining international tax rules and practices. “You don’t need to be an expert to understand why a global tax system planned by the Club of Affluent Tax Havens is causing a drain on more than $ 245 billion in corporate tax annually,” he commented. Alex Cobham Head of the Tax Justice Network. on the principle The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development puts it on purpose And about the knowledge of the rules that favor tax evasion or often enact façade contradictions.

Over the past sixty years, The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has shaped global fiscal policy as a tool for prioritizing the profits of the largest multinational corporations Compared to the needs of others, which exacerbates the inequalities faced by women and other social groups. It is time to reshape global fiscal policy into a tool for addressing, not fueling, gender inequality. He explained that the first step towards this goal is to develop a tax agreement for the United Nations Irene Ofungi OdedaMember of the United Nations Group on International Financial Responsibility.

Italy has a loss of 10 billion euros a year – In light of these indicators, the European list’s ambiguous tax laws are clearly inconsistent. The “blacklist” does not include the Netherlands and Luxembourg as members of the Union and was also recently excluded Cayman Islands After some that have been judged by pure official experts. Cayman has already agreed Sharing information about domestic deposits In the archipelago. The problem, however, is that it is virtually impossible to track the true owners of these deposits thanks to the use of legal structures such as trust funds and the absence of records. The Tax Justice Network also provides data on lost revenue for individual countries. Italy loses around 10 billion euros every year200 euros per inhabitant. The jurisdictions of the Netherlands and the United States (which includes Delaware, another haven for international evasion) are those that steal most of the revenue from our country.

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