Sweet surprise: The First Lady of the United States is dressing up to distribute ice cream

US First Lady Jill Biden surprised reporters and her team members upon their return from a Thursday flight by dressing as a flight attendant and distributing ice cream in the cabin as an April Fools’ prank.

His squad, Secret Service members, and journalists received ice cream from a woman with short black hair, wearing a black mask and wearing an ID named “Jasmine,” while traveling with the First Lady of Return to Washington. After visiting California.

Five minutes later, “Yasmine” reappears in the press department, without the wig, to reveal that she is the first lady herself.

“April Fools! (Happy April Fools),” she told reporters, enjoying.

This will not be Biden’s first joke to travel with her on a plane.

According to the US press, she once got into the overhead cabin of Air Force One, when her husband, Joe Biden, was Vice President, and shouted “Boo!” For the first person to open the locker.

A press report on the events on Thursday admitted that the reporters had been “completely misled” but “relieved” that no member of the First Lady’s squad had recognized her in disguise.

The report added that the vanilla ice cream bars covered with chocolate “were delicious”.

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