Sundar Pichai has sought to keep Incognito problems out of the spotlight

Google Incognito Colleges Track Users: With the modernization of technology, all the shortcomings of the tech giants appear one by one. The name of Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, has come to the fore in the wake of the latest allegations.

Search Engine google browser Do you know the incognito mode in Chrome? With the intent that your search history will not be known to anyone.. This is a way for Google users to search in person. However, some claim that Google collects the information contained in it secretly and does not guarantee the user’s security. To that extent, he appealed to a California court the following year. The petition has been pending since then, and the petitioners appear to have provided key evidence related to the allegations on Thursday. The latest claim is that incognito is not secure and that Google is hiding it even though it knows everything.

The name is Sundar Pichai.
In 2019, a project was launched under the leadership of Google Chief Marketing Officer Lauren Towell. Google CEO at the time of this project Sundar Pichai Incognito mode seems to have raised doubts about browsing. During the project, Sundar was quoted as saying that there were a lot of problems with the “private” browsing system called Incognito mode and that he didn’t feel the need for this feature. Because of this system that tracks the user Personal Data Apparently he said there was no chance of leakage. However, he allegedly promoted the incognito browsing mode despite knowing about the big problem. To this end, the petitioners submitted to the court the main documents related to Google.

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On the other hand, about this petition google browser Spokesman Jose Castaneda responded. Second, they try to discredit Google with information collected through false emails related to third-party accounts. Google has long been accused of violating users’ personal security through surveillance.

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