Stockach and the surrounding area: Review: Flood hit the Stockach region hard in the summer of 2021

These rains were heavy: at the beginning of July 2021, the Stockacher and Mahlspürer Aach blew their banks after violent storms and caused problems: the construction site of the bridge on the L194 near Stockach was flooded and the alternate lane was swept away. So the road had to be closed until the repair was completed. In addition, the slope between Kalkofen and Neumühle was at risk of slipping when there were grinding traces, and a roadblock had to be erected there as well. The department can only be released there again at the end of October.

Eagletingen and Bodmann-Ludwigshafen were also affected.

The slope between Kalkofen and Neumühle in Mahlspüren in the valley on the L194 was threatening to slip.

The slope between Kalkofen and Neumühle in Mahlspüren in the valley on the L194 is threatened by a slip | Photo: Hohenfels . Community

Masses of water also caused problems at Marienschlucht: just two weeks after opening, the renovated walking path from the ship pier through the castle courtyard to Wallhausen was closed again. Life is threatened because the earth’s interior has thinned so much.

The rain also paralyzed everything on the construction site at the Reserve roundabout in Stockach. Only after the water level at Stockacher Aach sank again could work continue.

Fire department graduates

The flood did not end in mid-July. Fire brigades were working throughout the Stockach area because the streets were flooded and washed away. In Stockach it hit the areas, but also the city center poorly – among other things, the B313 in the ZG roundabout area and the car park in the Aach center were flooded, the cellars were full.

Street in Steinbühl in Mühlingen mid-July 2021

Street in Steinbühl in Mühlingen mid-July 2021 | Photo: Doris Eichkorn

In several places there was a power outage after an underground cable in the Bodman area was torn by a landslide.

The municipality of Bodman-Ludwigshafen was still interested in the wet slope in August.

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