Sources: Streamer ‘Wagnificentt’ Banned from Warzone for Using ‘EngineOwning’ Cheats

Another huge cheat creation site called “EngineOwning” is now unusable in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Infinity Ward, along with Raven & Blizzard, appears to have found a way to spot users cheating on “EngineOwning” late last week.

Since then, EngineOwning cheats have been banned and forced to stop using their cheats in Call of Duty: Warzone.

The engine has been updated website To point out that Warzone cheats are now discovered by developers, which means that they can block everyone who uses this cheat in the game.

After this update, users on the site’s forum began to complain and cry about their being banned from using cheats that were declared “undetectable”.

Update: EngineOwning has reached out to ask us to clarify that they are not declaring their scams “undetectable” but rather declaring their software “undetected”.

Here are some of the cheaters whining about the site (via @ProRebornYT).

One user said he wanted a “refund” for cheats and the game:

Another user complained that the site should stop advertising as “undetectable” because their accounts are now blocked.

This block wave appears to have come out with a new patch update, as these messages have been published over the past weekend.

Activision also seeks to track other fraud creators’ websites with legal stop-and-go orders and lawsuits, forcing them to remove all Activision-related scams from their website.

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