Some babies laugh a few days after they are born

Yes, our baby is laughing! Scientists at the University of Bristol studied early signs of humor or amusement in infants. They found that they were showing some signs a month earlier.

700 children were examined from birth to age four. The results are published in the specialized journal behavioral research methodsAlso, show how humor develops in the first few years of life.

21 different types of humor

A survey of parents in Great Britain, USA, Canada and Australia showed that the first signs of humor were recognized in the first month of life. After all, half of the babies were already laughing in the second month of their lives. Which is also amazing for the research team: he who laughs once loves to laugh again.

The research team identified 21 different types of humour. In babies of the first twelve months of life, mainly physical, visual and vocal forms of humor appear. Especially popular: hiding things, tickling, grinning, twisting the body, masking the voice, doing funny things with everyday objects.

“Our findings fill an important gap in the development of different types of humor,” stresses study author Elena Hoeka. With more extensive testing, they have the potential to support an early childhood diagnosis as well.

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