Report: Trump intends to beat Biden on inauguration day with an opposition rally

Talk about going out with a bang.

New report from Axios Allegedly, President Trump is considering leaving the White House in a dramatic fashion that includes a recent trip by Air Force One to Florida where he will host an opposition rally during the inauguration of Joe Biden.

“Trump’s speech could create a split-screen moment: the outgoing president addresses a massive crowd in the airport hangar while the new leader takes the oath in front of a socially distant audience outside the Capitol,” wrote Alina Trane of Axios.

People familiar with the discussions told NBC News that Trump plans to skip the swearing-in ceremony for his successor and that he has floated the idea of ​​a rally in Florida to announce the 2024 bid to retake the White House.

Trump card He said last month He would leave office if the Electoral College voted for the elected president Joe BidenBut he also alleges “grand fraud” in the vote count and has promised to continue his legal battle.

Trump said he would leave the office if the Electoral College voted for Biden

Asked if he would consider running again for the Republican ticket in 2024, Trump said at the time, “I don’t want to talk to 2024 yet.”

The Trump campaign did not respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

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