Report from the South: GDP, record recovery and increasing poverty


the case. In the 2021 report, Svimms spoke of the double speed of the “recovery” the government had focused on. And in order to relaunch the South, we hope for the slogan “Plan Recovery and Resilience.” But the historical and structural crisis of the inequitable economy persists: mass fragility, and the limitation of public services starting with local transportation and health care. Growth this year at +6.2% of GDP..but 920,000 women without work or training..local transportation and health care are limited.

The GDP is increasing, and poverty is increasing, especially in the south. It is the double speed of “growth” that can be corrected by investments in the “Resilience and Recovery” (PNRR) plan that allocates 40% of resources to the South even if local authorities may not be able to manage it. This is supported by the Svimiz 2021 report. Thus, the picture emerges of the country in which there may not be a technical recovery of the economy (+6.2% according to statistics) after the collapse caused by the supply and demand freezing to contain the spread of Covid. Changing and, in fact, exacerbating the historical divide between Central, North and South…

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