Renzi shrugs: Bin Salman? Friend

Matteo Renzi admitted that he does not trust journalists. On the contrary, he said that he preferred to believe the words of the new president of the United States, Joe Biden, rather than the repeated accusations that were made in the media around the world from various sources (investigation agencies and Amnesty International). The alleged responsibility of Prince bin Salman for the death of Saudi journalist Kashoggi. “The Biden administration has not punished Prince bin Salman, whom I have called my friend since I have known him for years and he is my friend.” The leader of Italia Viva denies that the Saudi prince is the instigator of the journalist, and the reporters who pressed him yesterday on the matter upon his exit from the Senate answered: “Commissioner? This is what it says. The Biden administration did not punish him, and if you allow me, I trust Biden more than you. ”Renzi added that the former eliminator then denied receiving $ 80,000 for the interview with the prince (“ this is a false statement ”) and for the sentence that caused so much scandal in opinion. The Italian year regarding the renaissance season in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: “I would like to say it again. I am completely convinced that the issue of the new Arab renaissance is a very interesting topic.”

“Keeping silence or ignoring the multiple responsibilities of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in violation of human rights, including suspicion that he is the instigator of Khashoggi’s murder, I find this disturbing – comments by Ricardo Nuri, Italian Amnesty spokesperson .– I am not arguing about friendships. Because these are personal matters, but I keep silent about the suppression of the opposition, the bombings that have occurred since 2015 against Yemen, the bloggers who are being flogged in the streets, the women’s rights activists who are imprisoned, and about much more, I leave you truly speechless.

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Italy’s FIFA leader’s travels abroad prompted Cinquestelle parliamentarians to submit a bill on this particular type of “conflict of interest”. “We find it worrying – reads a press release signed by Ghillini’s deputies in the Foreign Office – that Renzi is traveling the world building relationships that intertwine his role as Senator with special interests. It is not appropriate for the leader of Italy, FIFA, to continue his trips from Saudi Arabia to Africa without deterrence.

It is for this reason – and the statement concluded – that we ask Parliament to approve as soon as possible a serious and dangerous law on conflicts of interest. Similar positions on the part of the country’s institutional class are no longer acceptable. “

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