Rayshard Brooks ’wife says she wants the cops to go to jail

Justin Miller, a lawyer for the Brooks family, told Ana Cabrera on Sunday that CNN’s first comment after the fatal shooting of Rayshard Brooks was “very disturbing.”

Fulton District Attorney Paul Howard told CNN “that we actually have a chance to hear the first statement from a police officer after the shooting. And what the officer said was not that his life was saved. What he said in his statement, he said,” I have him . ”

Miller said he and his family are aware of the “I got it” statement.

It was very disturbing for me, my partner Chris and Tamik, his widow. “Very disturbing,” Miller said.

Miller also discussed the autopsy, saying they hadn’t seen the report, but they know some things that will be in it.

“We know he was shot twice in the back. Once in the middle of the back, once in the buttocks, and those shots eventually killed him,” Miller said.

As for the charges, Miller said “this is a little different than say the murder of George Floyd, because it’s still a murder, but the legalities simply, they fall differently when there are fights and crowds and then a fugitive who is killed.”

As for what Miller expects the charges to be, he said “it probably won’t be murder.”

“It’s very hard to charge,” Miller said. “You know, you’re just looking at all the other cases that were a little clearer and, you know, equally deadly to the client, and weren’t charged with murder.”

Miller said good people and city leaders are taking steps “to alleviate the problem.”

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“But it’s not justice and we don’t really think it can ever be justice because a man’s life has been taken away, children have lost a father, and a woman has lost a husband.”

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