Passengers get into a physical battle over a face mask policy during the flight to Utah, and tense video shows

Passengers get into a physical battle over a face mask policy during the flight to Utah, and tense video shows

An Allegiant Air flight bound for Utah turned into a fight scene when a passenger allegedly refused to wear a mask that covered his nose and mouth.

Another passenger on the plane, Riley Lansford, shared footage of the fight, and she said in an Instagram video that started shortly after boarding the plane.

Warning: graphic language in the video

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The flight was heading from Mesa to Provo on Saturday when the fighting took place. According to Lansford, the passenger sitting behind her was wearing a face shield and refused to wear a face mask after being asked by the flight attendants.

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Lansford claimed that the man responded “condescendingly” to the stewardess and did not wear a face mask.

His refusal sparked an argument between the passenger sitting next to Lansford and the man who refused to wear the mask.

Neither passenger was identified by Lansford, but she referred to them as Passenger A to the man who refused to wear a face mask and B to the man sitting next to her, in her Instagram post.

Passenger B allegedly continued to argue with the man, as well as using profanity towards the other passengers. Lansford said Passenger B was drunk for part of her story.

The animosity between the two passengers grew until Passenger A stopped, and Lansford believed he was a swing in Passenger B. In the video, a crew member is seen calling for security.

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The accident occurred on a Las Vegas-based low-cost airline over the weekend.

Lansford said that Passenger A was removed from the plane, while Passenger B was allowed to continue to the final destination.

Lansford praised the flight attendant’s handling of the situation on board, noting that one of the flight attendants assured her that they were witnessing many conflicts like this with passengers who refuse to wear masks.

In a statement from Allegiant Air to Fox News, the airline confirmed the accident and explained the requirements for a face mask.

“The face covers must be made of a solid material, cover the entire mouth and nose, fit the face tightly, and secure below the chin. Restricted covers include those with exhaled valves, perforations (such as lace or mesh), neck approaches, and bands. Face shields can be worn. In addition to the flip cover, but not as an alternative. “

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The plane has reportedly landed safely in Utah.

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