pandemic | End of restrictions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

toGermany ends most coronavirus restrictions on March 20.

A decision that coincides with the measures taken by the neighboring countries, Austria and Switzerland, to return to their normal state of health.

Advisor Olaf Schulz The country’s 16 governors approved a plan when official figures show the infection rate is beginning to decline: “This is also the basis for an optimistic outlook and the ability to lift a large part of the current restrictions in Germany, in three phases until early spring.”

Austria is moving forward and will end most health restrictions on March 5. The use of masks will still be mandatory in some public places, her advisor explained Carl Neuhammer: “The panorama shows us that with caution and care, but with determination, and little by little, we can together take back the freedom that the virus took from us.”

The Swiss government will lift most restrictions imposed on the coronavirus on Thursday. This was announced by the Minister of Health and a member of the Federal Council Alain Berset:“The effects of the disease are now much milder. Hospitals are no longer threatened by patient overload, but certainly COVID still causes a lot of suffering, and we know that too. And we still know little about the long-term consequences, the ongoing Covid. But nonetheless, The pandemic is now causing fewer concerns.”

Standard levels of infection caused by the Omicron variant, although still persistent, are much milder and have not translated into a peak in hospitalization.

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