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America’s obsession with prize games and its fall from grace is not surprising. One of the last remaining pillars of compulsory viewing on radio and television is “Danger!” It is an institution respected by viewers of all ideologies, religions, genders, and tastes.

If in the past 30 weekdays you’ve spent a few hours sitting in front of the TV during dinner, eating pork chops trying to guess the answers to a series of questions about world history, characters, and Shakespearean spirits, always feel comfortable in the elegant and professional Alex Trebek Company. The last thing you want to think about is another electoral dispute.

But that’s what the executives at Sony Pictures and TVs provide. In the eyes of all fans of the show, this is a phony trial. Then the program’s executive producer, Mike Richards, was appointed. As a new leader, even before offensive comment He brought the past back to the surface and his choice caused an uproar.

why? Because so many Americans are in danger! I grew up in the movie “Dangerous!” and I dreamed he could take part in this show, and simply marvel at the “Danger! “Knowledge” is vast (some trivial, some intrinsic). Winner. Coming at dinnertime, it was always the perfect comfort food.

I’m getting older and still remember the original daytime version from the ’60s and ’70s, hosted by a guy named Art Fleming, who was the gold standard test host at the time. The show started in black and white, the large scoreboard was really original and the bonus was really insignificant. (The simplest question is $10.)

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From the start, this game is a kind of entertainment, without the stupidity of other contemporary game programs, such as “Let’s Make a Deal” or “Supermarket Cleanup”. In addition, he never hinted at scandals like the “$64,000 question” that blew up past question and answer programs. (Who cheats to get a $10 question, right?)

“Danger!” Getting up under Trebek is a great upgrade – cooler shows, bad classes, bigger rewards, and dinnertime broadcasts for a lot of people.

When I watched it with my kids when they were young, they were surprised at how many answers I got (in the form of questions). They will urge me to perform on my own. I objected, and said that because I was writing about the TV business, I couldn’t get involved in things that could have made a lot of money. (Another fact is that I can predict that the night I appear will be operas, flowers, famous bowlers, and banjo players. My actors at home will be destroyed.)

I suspect the most “dangerous!” They have similar memories of the show. Of course, this means that they will invest in who will win the scrutiny to replace Trebek. The list of evidence is shocking in its scope; In addition to most candidates wishing to embark on a new career as a game host award.

So Sony decided to install an unknown virtual person, not a constituency, and was the show’s executive producer, and some pretty cool reports. Claire McNeil D-Ringer He revealed that he was selling misogyny, anti-Semitism and other stupid comments early in his career.

As for the move to replace the TV legend, during Johnny Carson’s failed succession, this failed job elevated Sony to the level of NBC.

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In the process, the show’s executives smeared a precious TV gem and angered millions of fans of the popular show, and in doing so, they did, “Danger!” And now she belongs in a category of her own: “I’m ready to mutilate myself a thousand times, Alessio.”

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