Ole Gunnar Solskjaer ‘far exceeded’ expectations of former Manchester United teammate Peter Schmeichel

The Norwegian, who played for the club for 11 seasons, took over from Jose Mourinho as caregiver manager in December 2018, winning 14 of his first 19 games and signed a permanent basis contract in March 2019.

He has since endured steering time, and inconsistent Premier League results have left United fifth in the table, while also qualifying for the last 16 rounds of the UEFA Europa League before the season was suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic. .

But while others might criticize Solskjaer for not immediately leading the club to the heights he achieved under Sir Alex Ferguson, Schmeichel believes he uses the most resources available to him.

“I think he did a great job. I think he far exceeded my expectations of what could be done in a relatively short time, that needs to be said,” Schmeichel told CNN Sport’s Amanda Davies in Instagram live chat.

“Basically, what he took over was six years too many different directions. He took over the players who were with Sir Alex (Ferguson), he took over the players who were with (David) Moyes and Louis Van Gaal, and then (Jose) Mourinho .

“And they’re all different. They’re different in their approach, they’re different in the players they like. So he hasn’t really had a chance to build what he wants, but he has. I think the circumstances have helped him absolutely. which you have always considered to be good, they can do the job.But due to lack of patience or understanding of playing abilities.

The progress overseen by Solskjaer is shown in the incessant depictions of midfielder Fred.

The Brazilian international became a character of ridicule after a series of dissatisfied performances that arrived from Donji Shakhtar reported fee of $ 59.8 million (£ 47 million) in 2018.

But its development under Solskjaer is proof of the positive effect the manager had.

“Fred has absolutely played the role of a club for me this season,” Schmeichel said. “He’s always been perfect for the club, but now he’s given playing time and the more time he’s given, the more confidence he’s gained for me too, he’s one of the great stories this season at Manchester United.

“Sure, it’s all up to Fred, but it’s up to Ole to give him confidence. I like that. I like the way he presented the players who were already there, but who are now in the first team and who are now playing good.

“He brought all these values ​​as well. The players know them now. If you don’t share our values, there’s no place for you here. So you have to live off his values. He brings in his culture and you can see and he’s there and he’s great.”

Solskjaer is consulting with Fred after the Premier League match against Manchester City.

Schmeichel and Solskjaer were United teammates for three seasons between 1996 and 1999 and both are seen as club legends.

Between the two, they won a combined 11 Premier League titles and played vital roles in a historic season with triple victories in 1999, culminating in a glorious Champions League victory in Barcelona.

For Manchester United to reach the heights achieved under Ferguson, reaching the Champions League would be a “massive leap,” according to Schmeichel.

“Entering the Champions League is a huge leap towards (winning the Premier League in the future),” the former Denmark goalkeeper said.

“Not entering the Champions League is not a disaster because it is another year of development and I think there is nothing wrong with taking one step back to take two steps forward.

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“But if we manage to get into the Champions League, it would mean that the upcoming transfer windows will have a different feeling, because the best players in the world want to compete in the Champions League.”

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