NFL Week 6 will happen as planned, and no more positive test has been reported

There are no new positive cases in the last round of testing at the league level and all matches in the sixth week are going as planned.

This news comes after a week that witnessed many positive tests and the arrival of a number of players to the reserve list. There were new procedures enacted this week where anyone with a high degree of risk and close direct exposure needs to separate themselves for a period of at least five days, and these completely new procedures were put in place in the period leading up to the sixth week.

On Saturday, John Kominsky’s score for the Atlanta Falcons was positive. Two of the Falcons’ defensive coaches, including Kominsky, were left at home in reserve prior to the team’s trip to Minnesota.

On Saturday, it was also discovered that Denver Broncos coach Curtis Modkins had tested positive. Modkins was proactive once they discovered it was a high-risk condition and took appropriate measures before knowing the positive test results.

The New England Patriots at the back put Sony Michel, defensive end Derek Rivers and goalkeeper Chuck Mason on the reserve list as soon as he learned they were in close contact with an infected person. The same goes for Brandon Williams’ defensive tackle with the Baltimore Ravens as soon as he learns he’s in close contact.

Finally, Jacksonville Jaguars put their entire coaching team almost on the reserve list after a player from the coaching team tested positive.

After a feverish build-up to deal with the ongoing pandemic, the sixth week is coming to an end.

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