Netflix, news that sends users into crisis: Stop joint accounts

Netflix Today, as never before, it represents the reference platform in the field of television broadcasting. Despite the stiff competition, Netflix continues to produce massive TV series and movies. Public attention now turns to September with the arrival of the final season of paper house. The date to be circled on the calendar is September 3.

Just to defend its popularity, Netflix has been adopting a different strategy in recent weeks. In fact, the platform decided to put an end to the practice joint accounts.

Netflix, new rules and risks for account sharing

In the past few weeks, many people have read an odd message while sign in. This is the text:If you don’t live with the account holder, you need your own account to continue watching Netflix. Is it your account? We will send you a verification code”

Through this wrong message, Netflix calls on its users to avoid sharing their profiles with friends and relatives outside the home. At the same time, the platform also imposes Limit Account registrations.

From those next few weeks, Netflix developer controls in Italy will also increase. On the other hand, the rules of the statute are clear. at the expense of it 30% of the audience Who shares access to the catalog with friends and relatives, the only possible condition is that with people within the same family unit.

Penalties for potential violators can also be severe. Provided, in certain circumstances, prohibition, A few days or so permanent.

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