Mitt Romney is all about running … again

If they named a street as Mitt Romney, it should be one-way.

How was Romney, his latest announcement, that he could not get himself to vote for Donald J Trump for president.

Of course Mitt won’t say if he cast his vote for dementia Joe Biden, just like Governor Charlie Baker, another pathetic disappointment from RINO as the governor of Massachusetts.

At least with Willard Mitt Romney the endgame is always clear, because it never changes. He still dreams of becoming president.

Indeed, just as Mitt proudly announced his “current” vote in the presidential race, CBS News comes right on schedule with a story: “Republicans prepare for a potential post-Trump world.”

Get it? Just like after the Republicans lost in 2008, Mittens will pick up the pieces if….

Willard seriously believes that the vote against the most popular incumbent Republican president since Ronald Reagan is a good career move.

Could he be more ignorant?

A good tactician is dead not. His ruling on Trump is overshadowed by a strong grudge against 45.

The bottom line: Romney cannot handle the notion that Trump won the election the first time he ran for president. Mitt ran twice, in 2008 and 2012, but it’s more than that.

Remember that his father, Michigan Gov. George Romney, was the front-runner to win the 1968 Republican nomination, but he blew himself up in mourning about his “brainwashing” while in Vietnam.

So Romney, father and son, are 0-3 in presidential races, and Trump is 1-0.

Then there are the parallels between Mit and Trump. They were born nine months old. Trump is 74 years old, Willard 73. They both went to Ivy League schools. (Ben and Harvard University). Their parents were millionaires, and while Mittens earned a few hundred million more, Trump became a billionaire.

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Of course, their public photos diverge a bit more. Mitt has always imagined himself as Dudley Do-Wright. Trump, not much.

Met has a fake Twitter account under the name Pierre Delicto. Can anyone imagine Trump wanting … to dilute his trademark with a fake name?

Unlike Trump, Mit is the one who counts all his steps. When he was ruler, a dead never pardoned or commuted any punishment. (I don’t want Willie Horton on his record.)

For judges, he always chose the prosecutor. It looks, well, safer (but of course it isn’t).

An extremely cautious dead person was exposed in a Republican presidential debate early in 2011. The park coordinator in Belmont was asked to use a crew of illegal immigrants. Romney said he read to him the riot law:

“Look, you can’t have any illegal business on our property. I’m running for a position, for a house.”

George Clemenceau once said of Germany, “They are either at your throat or at your feet.”

This describes MIT’s relationship with POTUS.

Under Trump’s Feet: When he needed his approval in 2012 (Mitt traveled to Las Vegas to beg for it, as Trump later mentioned). Then there was his campaign for foreign minister after the 2016 election (Trump made him eat frog legs at the French restaurant in Trump Tower.) Vote for Amy Connie Barrett to the Supreme Court next week.

In Trump’s throat: Renting a hall to launch an attack during the 2016 primary season is described as being more daring and busty. And being the only Republican senator to vote to convict Trump in one of those bogus impeachment materials earlier this year.

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It’s Dudley’s properly working position on Mitt which is extremely upsetting. Just last week, he tweeted (by his real name) that US policy has become “a vile, humiliating, hate-filled swamp.”

Guess who ex-Pierre Delicteau blamed for this unfortunate case.

He also said recently that it is “unacceptable not to adhere to the peaceful transfer of power.” He hasn’t been talking about Democrats since 2016, he’s been referring to, you know.

He wants a “committee” to tackle the problem of forest fires. (Hey mate, what if we go back to our old policy of removing bushes and dead wood?)

Sadly, even after all these years, Mitt somehow thinks that his humiliation will pay homage to Democrats who would never dream of voting for him.

Did Romney not learn anything from his running for president? Debate piles between two people. The obvious lies about his failure to pay taxes.

Dead goal, like John McCain, is always to be the last Republican center. As if that had done him or McCain any good.

(Remember how, when McCain was the most liberal primary Republican in the primaries, passive Democratic shorthand writers called his Straight Talk Express bus. As soon as he was in private with their hero Obama, they began calling the Strait Jacket Express.)

The mainstream media is already starting to spoil the gloves again. Here’s a headline from the Washington Post: “Romney is the man who can’t please anyone – and he’s humble enough to accept him.”

This is what they say now. But don’t worry – if he gets a nomination in 2024 (questionable), the Post will shake off their old story from 2012 of how to scare an alleged gay kid in his middle school.

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Woke up dead. You will never be president. Nor will Pierre Delicto.

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