Microsoft Flight Simulator – Introduction – Review

Microsoft Flight Simulator for Windows came out last year and it turned out to be a good game, but not without its flaws. It was clear that the game was a decent basis for improvements to be made later. One of these improvements came a month ago in the form of a patch that could significantly improve game performance for many video cards and processors. Of course, we don’t just accept these types of messages in Tweakers, so it’s time to get a new list of criteria. You can read the results of this on the following pages, but to get straight to the point: This patch is reason enough to restart the game, if you haven’t done so in a while.

If you’re a fan of Xbox games, you can also take to the digital skies with Microsoft’s flying game for a month now, and we’ve also tested the version for this console. Sure, the transportation was excellent on a visual level, but Flight Simulator anyway, even for Xbox Series X, is a very challenging and challenging game. It has boot and load times that console players wouldn’t use, and a menu structure that could have been better optimized for controlling with an Xbox console. However, the Xbox version definitely has its own added value, in part because the game is part of Game Pass Ultimate. You can read all about it on the following pages. Below you can actually see a video in which we put some clips from both versions side by side. More detailed information about performance can of course be found on the following pages.

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The clips below are shot in 4k with Ultra settings, with an Xbox Series X, a PC with an AMD Ryzen 5900x processor, Nvidia Geforce RTX 3090 video card, Samsung 980 Pro SSD, and 32GB Trident Z Royal RAM. The Xbox Series X version is set at 30 frames per second on regular TVs, but it can also play without a maximum frame rate on TVs that support variable frames. Unfortunately, we didn’t have such a device during the tests, so we weren’t able to score the Xbox version unchecked.

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