McDonald’s in the UK criticized after forcing agricultural students to take off their shoes to enter

Critican a un McDonald's en el Reino Unido tras 'obligar' a estudiantes de agricultura a quitarse las botas para entrar


23 ene 2022 05:03 GMT

A spokesperson for the chain said they were “proud to support British and Irish agriculture and work with more than 23,000 farmers”.

A group of young farmers have criticized McDonald’s after restaurant workers in the UK demanded that they take off their work shoes before entering. Although they were clean, Tells local media.

Students at Richith College of Agriculture said they were “shocked” by the treatment they received from staff at a local fast-food chain in Crewe, which is so proud. Use of products from British farms.

According to the youth, one employee “insisted” that their shoes be left outside the front door, while local workers were allowed to eat while wearing their “dirty” shoes.

“We just laughed at them. There was a lady standing and she said before we could go in, We had to take off our shoes16-year-old Jamie Judd told me.

The young student thinks that someone at his university may have asked the restaurant staff not to let the students in with their shoes on, since they were asked why, they called it “Reaseheath”.

But they emphasized that when they returned to the university they told them, “They know nothing about such instructions.”

A spokesperson for the chain said they were “proud to support British and Irish agriculture and to work with more than… 23,000 farmers In the UK and Ireland, they added, they had an agreement requiring students to remove their rubber boots, “to ensure the restaurant maintains the high standards that all customers expect.”

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