Many iOS 14.7.1 users are facing no service, unable to connect to the mobile network.

A few weeks ago, Apple released iOS 14.7.1 for iPhone owners, where the software fixes an Apple Watch unlocking error and fixes a security vulnerability. No service found after updating to iOS 14.7.

Several iPhone owners with no service issues have submitted complaints through the Apple developer forum and discussion forum, which includes iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and iPhone 11 users who are experiencing the same issue.

Apple has a guide that recommends that you follow these steps in case you’re not experiencing service or search issues on your iPhone and iPad.

  • Toggle Cellular Data on or off.
  • Reboot the device
  • Check for carrier settings updates
  • remove sim card
  • Reset network settings
  • Update your iPhone or iPad

However, iPhone owners who are not experiencing service issues have tried the above methods. But the problem cannot be solved

Additionally, developer Hugo Maestá running iPhone 8 on iOS 14.7.1 noticed that the cellular screen was blank. No options

Source – 9to5Mac

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