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Deniz goes on vacation with his parents and older sister Ebru (Aslihan Malbora) to the summer house, but this time it’s different: he’s 16 and he’s determined to learn as much as possible by looking at the world through these eyes. Who wants to be a part of it. While he was trying to beat Asli (Ace Cesmeoglu), who is a friend of his sister’s slightly older than him, also notices that burak, Older, free, independent of him, cares about the girl. Sun, sea, and heat are the cradle and allies for Denise who is perhaps most important to him in the summer, when it passes, he finds himself living in a bubble of love, sexual tension and the desire to grow up. last summer, the film directed by Ozan Açiktan, entered the Netflix catalog on July 9, 2021, Narrates outstanding moments اللحظاتAnd the Sometimes it’s almost unreal, when the world seems like an island that cannot be fully experienced, at the same time open to all possibilities and closed like that forbidden fruit that is hard to hatch.

last summer: A bit of Bildungsroman and a bit of emotional drama

Deniz delivers hopes and desires to the waters of that wonderful sea, understands his body and savors the “shocks” caused by wind, sun and heat, meeting / colliding with the other, especially the one you love Asli. Waves push and push it but also push it away. He is the protagonist of Bildungsroman’s novel, a Coming of age Which also becomes a sentimental drama Because at this age you fall madly in love, and in secret, you live on this love that becomes a thermometer for your mood. He discovers Asli’s body in the sea, his eyes are on her, he goes out with his sister’s friends just to spend time with the girl, and he tries to be alone in order to get to know her better and get to know her. Denise may not be doing anything different or anything special this summer but these days it has a completely different flavor. Everything is special and unrepeatable with her: she waits to be seen, and with her she waits to plan the afternoons and evenings. Everything becomes complicated when the contrast of feelings between the two is obvious and goes against Asli’s independent and rebellious nature, hard to fully understand: Asli behaves with Denise like an older sister but plays him mischievously by pretending not to understand the deep feelings that the boy has. The young woman lives her days with the hunger of those who do not want fixed rules, the daughters of the often patriarchal culture (the matter of the virginity myth you are talking about) and therefore for this very reason does not want a stable relationship does not want relationships.

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last summer: A simple tale about how special summer and youth are too

that of last summer he is A simple and universal story about the beauty and uniqueness of this season For many, especially the younger ones, Translates to magical daysScreaming in the pool, music in clubs, beaches and diving. The story of Deniz, his sister Abreu, Asli and their friends is a summer made of snapshots in memory, still tattooed on the skin, of impossible love, of first heartbeats and mutual looks, of painful jealousy as feelings fall into the void. Last summer has a strong language because it matters to every boy and every girl growing up, everyone can understand and understand. Deniz, burnt by the sun, cut from the rocks on the beachLittle by little he understands the difficulties of growing up and growing up and becoming his days borrow from it; Admiration, summer love is not always joys, pure adrenaline, but also turns into blows in the face of a young man who does not always get what he wants. Days pass and the relationship with Asli becomes complicated: a free flirtation, without many rules, begins with Barouk, one of the most contested boys in the neighborhood. This is a severe blow to Denise also because their outings have become a group and he, firstly, Asli’s favorite companion, now has to share it with someone else, a rival who is also a friend of his.

last summer: Ozan Açiktan presents little stories that matter to everyone

“What was the water like? Bella, a little agitated.”And the This is what he says today at sea who – which It becomes a metaphor for a beautiful but highly turbulent era, one of a kind. Deniz and all the others are ready to find their way, some first, the protagonist’s older friends, his sister, Asli, and others later, the protagonist will have to wait a few more years to be able to make the final leap. last summer She has more than a few naivety and has some blanks in the text But this does not take away the emotional power that lives on one side the naivety of a boy like Denise and on the other the sensuality inherent in the eyes and bodies of adolescents (where there is little physical and sensory tension. From Call me by your name).

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Two Assic Weights Works in a film that presents normal life and reality, and consists of love and quarrels, fists and hugs, music and dreams, running and diving in the water. Everything is so slow because the summer days go on like this and the facts get weak because when you are young everything is focused on the little things, the gesture, the details, the smile, the word. However, although it seems that nothing is happening, in reality everything is happening. They are flashes of life and existence that don’t have anything special other than hanging out with friends, swimming in the pool, and beating and breaking hearts. Denise’s summer is the sum of all these experiences, desires and firsts that unite the audience with the actors; Something almost monotonous, tired of things, in the days, always equal to themselves, which goes against what is going on in Denise’s heart and mind. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

last summer: A simple movie about love and growth

last summer It’s a simple movie, at times it looks like it’s already seen and doesn’t give the three-month flight that all youngsters dream about and wants, but it makes us feel a little bit, try what everyone has tried at least once. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . With a cast of young actors doing just that, young men, the director writes a regular summer for one of us or any of us.

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