Katrin Davidsdottir breaks ties with CrossFit due to fall in founding tweets due to George Flold

“I am truly ashamed, disappointed and furious about what has been happening in recent days with the organization I am committed to, working hard for and so proud to represent,” the Icelandic athlete crowned “best woman on the planet” after winning the 2015 Headlines and In 2016, they were posted on Instagram on Friday.

Glassman had to give up on Tuesday after a series of controversial tweets referring to Floyd’s death. Already under pressure over CrossFit’s failure to take a public stand on the issue, Glassman went to social media last Saturday to criticize a statement by the Institute for Health Metrics and Assessment calling racism a public health issue in response to Floyd-19.

In a follow-up tweet, Glassman said the Institute of Health’s coronavirus model “failed” and criticized it for modeling a “solution to racism”.

A fierce response followed as Reebok and other partners severed ties with the fitness brand. Glassman apologized for causing “cracks” in the CrossFit community, but the pressure continued to rise.

Dave Castro replaced him as CEO, director of CrossFit Games, but that change was not enough to satisfy Davidsdottir. Another leading CrossFit athlete, Brooke Ence, she publicly distanced herself this week from Glassman’s comments.

“What we currently have is not a change that I can oppose. I believe we can and should do better than this,” Davidsdottir added in his Instagram statement.

Davidsdottir, 27, a former gymnast, is one of the most significant competitors in fitness with 1.8 million followers on Instagram.

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