Joe Rogan actually let Alex Jones spread misinformation on his Spotify show

Joe Rogan’s podcast has only been available on Spotify since September, and the host is inviting controversial guests to appear. This week, he spoke with Infowars host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones as well as comedian Tim Dillon. The audio and video for the episode are available on both Spotify and YouTube, and this comes after Spotify employees expressed concern about Rogan. Previous episodes And disastrous content.

During this latest interview, Dillon wore a T-shirt with “Free Ghislaine” written on it, in reference to Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s colleague who was Charged in July Helping Epstein recruit girls and prepare them for sexual assault. Dillon claims during the three-hour parade that Democrats want to use COVID-19 and the potential domestic lockdown to prevent people from “private car ownership” and “cash.”

Jones, who previously claimed that Sandy Hook was a hoax, also said that “a lot of studies show” that masks will not protect people in large groups from contracting COVID. (The CDC recommends that people wear a mask “wherever they are around other people.”)

At another point, Jones exaggerates the incident in which OPV caused polio. Jones says the vaccine made 100 percent of its recipients sick after it was administered, before Rogan pulled it off AP Article Which details the case of two children with paralysis after receiving the vaccination. Dillon and Jones also claim that Democrats are deliberately trying to keep the US economy down in order to get Trump out of office.

Although Rogan tries to validate Jones directly by asking his sources and then trying to search for and pull links during the recording, he does not detract from the fact that he gives Jones a place to share his views. Infowars have been banned from most major tech platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Spotify Itself was also removed Jones’s podcast from his platform in 2018. (The episodes that Jones feature in other podcasts are on Spotify.)

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Spotify signed an exclusive deal with Rogan earlier this year that brought the show to its platform – it wasn’t available until that point. The show arrived on Spotify on September 1 and is set to become exclusive sometime soon. The company did not provide an exact date. In exchange for the deal, Spotify asserted that Rogan retains creative control over his show.

However, Rogan’s previous episodes that featured Jones are not currently available on Spotify, and the company has not commented on why. Spotify declined to comment for this story, but an internal email was obtained by BuzzFeed News Details of the strategy the Spotify team managers have been following when considering responding to Rogan’s offer.

“Spotify has always been a place of creative expression,” read the email. “It is important that you have diverse voices and perspectives on our platform.” The email also says Spotify will “not prevent certain individuals from being guests on others’ shows, because the episode / show complies with our content policies.”

Update 10/28, 1:17 p.m. ET: Updated to include BuzzFeed News reports about a leaked email note about Spotify’s Joe Rogan talking points.

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